Why Motif Green?

A company philosophy that marketing should never take a back seat to the core of your business. We develop the voice of your company for customers, donors, and partners. From strategic business planning to campaign implementation, we provide thoughtful, comprehensive, and personalized service to help your business succeed.

For small business. Brick and Mortar or an Online Store are where customers come to shop or receive services from your business. But how do they know you exist and how do you retain them for the long-term? Every day is an opportunity to attract and acquire new customers. From traditional marketing and promotion to social media, product merchandising, and brand refreshes, we can help expand your reach into new markets and new customer groups.

For nonprofits. If your nonprofit wants to build internal skills through training and consulting, or needs full-service marketing and development support, we understand the challenges and opportunities of running a mission-based organization. From marketing and branding to donor engagement and retention, we can help your nonprofit thrive.

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